"Peer pressure"

Ages 13 to 21.

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"Peer pressure"

Post by BeartheCross » Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:56 pm

You want to be a Christian? You know that Jesus is telling you the Truth. . But you know the other kids at school are not listening to Jesus.

The other kids want you to fit in and you may be embarrassed to talk about Jesus at school because they may laugh at you...

Yeah I know the feeling. I studied with the Jehovah’s witnesses in Junior High. No more a Jehovah witness for that is Religion that is not Biblically correct.

Today I am called a Christian.
In the Book of Acts it says that people were first called Christians basically a follower of Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our Sins.

We confess him our sin and we turn away from them.

But our friends don't understand this.

They say things like I’m young and life is too short to worry about this Jesus stuff.

Let me have fun and you fit in with us. Dress like us. Talk like us. Do the things that we do.

I was peered pressured and I ended up doing the wrong things. I want to tell you what happens when you don't listen to Jesus.

I got put on Probation I got into petty theft. . What kids thought mattered to me more and besides I thought I will grow up some day.

But the question is will you grow up some day?

Just the other day ago for example there was an article in the Newspaper about a 15 year old Girl getting killed by another Girl about her age.

Teens get killed and die too especially into today’s age of Danger of Guns and other weapons..

Let me tell you something "God is Cool" “GOD is Awesome'.

Jesus is better than any Rock or Rap star on the stage. Hey those musicians sound great but without Jesus they have no Hope for Heaven.

Jesus is the Real Star the one to worship.

If you feel that it is hard to be a Christian at school try to find good friends.

Maybe talk to your parents to see if you can go to a Christian School.

Everyone needs to realize every person will stand before God who has the knowledge to know right from wrong.

Well you are 15 you are not an adult yet. Will you go to Heaven on the basis of that? Don’t count on that. Only GOD knows at what age is a person to be judged at.

I don't believe that babies and young children go to Hell. But they go to Heaven for they did not understand.

But your average teenager understands right from wrong.

Let the kids get in trouble if they want to. When you forget the peer pressure you will not only please GOD but you will also be obeying your parents. . You will be a lot better all the way around because let me tell you: you are a teen from 13 to 19 years old but here in the USA 18 as an Adult.

That’s just five years of your life. Is it worth listening to your friends knowing that you will most likely be living decades longer than those few years?

But if you give into pressure now you may bring it in your adult life like I did. . I should have listened to GOD in the First place.

Hey you young adults. It is not easy. I know it is rough. But don't do like I did and fall into the pressure.

I could have died and went to Hell all because of what my friends wanted me to do..

No friend is worth going to the Lake of Fire that Burns forever.

Follow the ways of the Lord even at your age now. . You will be the coolest kid at school and no one else will see it but God will. .

You have a relationship with the Creator of the universe that God who knows all things. A Loving God you can pray to and talk to. The Lord is always there by your side. No friend at School will be at your side as close as God will be.
God does not desire that anyone should go to Hell.
God desires that we go to Heaven that is through Jesus His Son who died for our Sins.

We are saved by his Grace and we are to listen to the Lord.

But if you have done wrong before you can turn to the Lord now. For GOD can forgive all the sins you have done. You’re not too good and you’re not too bad to come to Jesus.

Come to Jesus as you are now. Changes happen later. Today is the day for Salvation. Your physical life is ahead of you and Eternity is after that.

Your young but be smart choose Jesus as your personal savior. Obey him. . He is our True Father. He loves you more than your parents or any friend. God wants you to go to Heaven and Live forever in Paradise. It is all true.

What’s going to happen to those teens that do wrong and die? That’s in the hands of God. Now if you follow the Lord in Love and in Truth in Faith and in hope you will have a Great future ahead of you. As far as the bad teens they will have to face God and God will do with their souls into eternity Heaven or Hell.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Now where do you want to be when you die? With God and in Heaven that is where.

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