“Is Christian Web sites a good way to meet someone?"

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“Is Christian Web sites a good way to meet someone?"

Post by BeartheCross » Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:27 pm

For A Christian a Christian Website may seem the perfect place to meet someone who they are looking for.

Things however need to be taken in consideration. This is 2009 and things are always not the way we hope them to be..

Well I have had experience in this and to tell you that it all failed.

In my opinion it is not much easier to find your companion on Christian Websites as to other methods..

One of the big problems has to do with many calling themselves Christians but is actually not. .

Why would any Christians go to Christian sites to be looking for a partner? The non Christians do not understand. The relationship a True Christian has with God and that The True Christian is pursuing another with a common faith in the Lord also of common interests. ..

Some are just looking for sexual partners using the site as their venue to easy victims. .

I met one girl in Las Vegas. Was a nice trip but. She admitted to me after I got home that Her Ex boyfriend was calling her and wanted her back. . It was all over with. .

Another girl I met in Yuma Arizona. . She wanted someone to be a Father to her kids. But her stand in GOD was not too strong as I had thought. .

Then there was 2 others girls that I had talked to. It all turned out into a big flop.

I learn that Christian dating sites are not that easy. . And for the first most part see what their Faith is in the Lord. . This is a must or you will run into too many problems.

Get to know this person as best as you can to go meet. . . And pray and hope it is the person you have been looking for. .

It may be best to go out to eat or for a fun activity on a first date. . Get to know the person in person. . .

Don't fall in Love too quick in case this is not the person you hoped it was. It takes time to really know a person.
Most of all ask The Lord. Would you Lord approve of me being with this person? .
If the person is turning out to be not so Christian like or not what they said they were like it is best to move on and keep searching. .

Searching on Christian web sites can be a lot of Heart breaks. But don’t settle for someone you should not be with. Pick someone you think sets the best Christian examples and is right for you.

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Re: “Is Christian Web sites a good way to meet someone?"

Post by Sweetrainbow » Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:37 pm

:gpt Trebor

Yes sometimes when we use the internet to find someone to be with it will or won't out.

Make sure though that you lift this up to the Lord to answer first also.

I'm positive if it is meant to be that God will then put your mate on your path.

But beware that even Christians don't tell the exact truth all the time and may embellish facts about themselves.

Just remember the best relationships start with God first.

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