Blessed to be single!

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Blessed to be single!

Post by AtHisFeet » Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:33 pm

Today I can praise God for who and where I am today!

Today I can say, I am content in all things. No more biological clock to keep me in bondage, no more need, or what to be married. Today I can be happy serving the Lord and developing my personal relationship with HIM.

Today I can say,

"If it is His will, I will be married or single...
"If it is His will, He will prepare me for a husband...
"If it is His will, He will prepare me to have and to hold...

So just for today, I can be happy right where I am, and leave the rest to God.

I thank the LORD for all of the experiences I have had in past relationships, and in my dating life..yes even the hurts and heart aches, That I have learned through all of those experiences, and that I am a better person for all the past mistakes I have made, In that I can and will make better choices in my life today!

Thank you Jesus for your word... which gives me a future and a hope, and the love and discipline I so need and desire.

Thy word is a lamp Unto my feet! I bless the name, of JESUS!! My Rock and my fortress!

:bls :pray :angl3 :BHG

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