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Post by Rev » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:42 pm

I know that God is aware of my needs and concerns and I have a testimony that He has intervened numerous times. One of the most recent was after spine surgery. I was released back to work on very limited duty which still was a challange for me. I tried my best to maintain, struggling to walk even 10 feet. More pain than I could handle. Well first of all I was sent to pain management finally after the ball was dropped by my surgeons office. No pain managment for 3 months after surgery. Nor physical therapy.

Even though the pain management was working I still had a problem getting around.

I was at the point of just quitting my job. I had told no one of this. Two day's later I was offered a position that required very litte physical activity.

I bear my testimony that I know that it was God who intervened. My Lord has intervened in my life so many times.

If we let go and let God he will come through. He know our needs and He knows what we don't need.

Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and Savior.
Worrying is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do but it wont get you anywhere.

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