depression and abuse

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depression and abuse

Post by catlady04240 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:22 pm

i just dont know what to say lately i have been just so lost lately and confused and i just havce been depressed and i know that the abusei mean verbal abuse i go thru doesnt help and i am a lost where to go sometimes as i havent been taking my medications like i should and i just dont know but i have been wanting ot do the cr lesson more and i have orderd the booklets to go with it and i just hope that i can stick with it and finish it and just find too much going on you know with healht and depression anyone can help me with this htat know about abuse and all i just feel that i am a burdened sometimes in chat and all when i metion it and i have no ap or sponsor atthe mment and i just am hurting just help thanks dawn
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