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The 4 Gospels Christian Network is here to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to offer to those that are hurting friendly ears to listen, consoling words of scripture, and the power of cooperative prayer to all that are in need. We are very thankful for all the members that the Lord has sent our way. All of our members love solid Christian fellowship and praise. Our focus is to save souls. There is nothing more important than a place for true Jesus loving christains to gather, study God's word and share.

As founder and developer of The 4 Gospels Christian Network I have felt led for sometime to do something more than what I was doing to help spread the gospel. It is my hope that in some way this website will help lead someone to Christ or help those of us that are in His Grace to grow in the Word and praise for Christ Jesus. This site belongs to Jesus. The Internet is a very powerful tool to reach people around the world.

Take some time to browse our site. The site is jam packed with information and study aids. We are here for one reason and that is to rejoice in the "Good News" of Jesus Christ our Lord. We will continiue to strive to add value to your Christian experience while you are here.

The four Gospels record the eternal being, human ancestry, birth, life and ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus the Christ. Son of God and Son of man. Taken together, they set forth not a biography but a Person.

The fact that the four Gospels present a Person rather than a complete biography indicates the spirit in which they should be approached. What is most important is to see and know through the writings it is He that they reveal. It is of less importance to endeavor to piece together a full account of His life from these inspired records (John 21:25). For some reason it was not the will of God to lead men to write a full biography of His Son. The years up to the beginning of His ministry are passed over in a silence that is broken only once, and that is in a few verses in Luke (Luke 2:40-52). It is wise to respect this.

The four Gospels, though incomplete as a story, are complete as a revelation. We may not know everything that Jesus did, but we know Him, in four great narratives, each of which in some respects supplements the other three, through these four Gospels we know Jesus Christ.

We also host Christian Recovery Online Ministries, a Christian Community specifically for those recovering from life's hurts, habits and hang-ups. Christian Recovery is a place for Christians in recovery to meet online and socialize in private with others in recovery. Christian Recovery Online Ministries brings the power of the Internet to extend the reach to the whole world. We offer to our members, totally private and anonymous group meeting capabilities 24/7.

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